The LIFE + Project - Objectives

The main objective of this project is the recovery and conservation of “Garbancillo de Tallante” (Astragalus nitidiflorus), an endemic and endangered species of the Murcia Region, which population, before the start of the project, was just 250 adult plants.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Decrease the threats that affect negatively on the Astragalus nitidiflorus population.
  • Promote demonstrative techniques about cultivation and production in nursery of Astragalus nitidiflorus population.
  • Achieve a genetic profit and an improvement of the ecologic connectivity between the existing populations.
  • Increase and reinforce the existing population of Astragalus nitidiflorus.
  • Publicize the project in the Murcia Region in general and particularly, the municipality where this endemism is found. Participate and introduce the project objectives and the results obtained in specialized working groups, conferences, congresses, etc.
  • Spread and raise population awareness, for the knowledge and conservation of the species and the importance of biodiversity conservation.
  • Ensure long-term conservation of the species in the Murcia Region, once the LIFE Project has ended.