The LIFE + Project - Actions

A) Preparatory actions and the formulation of management and/or action plans

  • A1) The formulation and approval of the Plan for the Recovery of Astragalus nitidiflorus in the Region of Murcia
  • A2) The formulation and approval of the Habitat Management Plan
  • A3) Determining the potential area of the appearance of the Astragalus nitidiflorus
  • A4) Formulating technical guidelines for urban planning.
  • A5) Drawing up a database of owners in order to create a land stewardship network for Astragalus nitidiflorus

C) Specific conservation actions

  • C1)The collection of seeds, cleaning and drying for direct sowing or conservation in germplasm banks
  • C2)Production in nurseries with plant production techniques
  • C3) Population enhancement in existing Astragalus nitidiflorus areas
  • C4) The in situ conservation of Astragalus nitidiflorus in its potential habitat, in the Mountain areas of "Cabezos del Pericón", "La Muela y Cabo Tiñoso" and "Las Victorias"
  • C5) The control of wild fauna around Astragalus nitidiflorus
  • C6) Land stewardship to improve the population of the species

D) Monitoring the impact of the actions

  • D1) Checking the effect of the conservation of Astragalus nitidiflorus seeds in germplasm banks and the viability and germinating power of the seeds
  • D2) An analysis of the demonstrative cultivation techniques in nurseries and vegetation restoration regarding the success of repopulation in semi-arid Astragalus nitidiflorus areas
  • D3) Checking the obtained results via the techniques employed in the increase of genetic diversity in the area
  • D4) Monitoring the land stewardship set up in the environment of the Astragalus nitidiflorus area
  • D5) An evaluation of the socio-economic impact of the project’s actions on the economy, local area and the eco-system

E) Awareness raising and the dissemination of results

  • E1) Awareness raising and dissemination in teaching centres, social organisations and sectors of the local population in the municipalities involved in the project.
  • E2)Technical workshops on the conservation of the Astragalus nitidiflorus and the conservation of vegetation diversity in the Region of Murcia
  • E3) Attendance at the Spanish Society of Plant Biology and Conservation Congresses
  • E4) Technical publications on the project’s actions
  • E5) The creation of a Website
  • E6) Information panels
  • E7) Information and promotional activities on land stewardship between the owners of Astragalus nitidiflorus.
  • E8) A Layman’s report

F) The overall operation of the project

  • F1) Project management by the University of Cartagena
  • F2)The financial auditing of the project
  • F3) Internal training, workshops and meetings for staff of the beneficiaries.
  • F4) The establishment of a network with other projects, whether they are LIFE projects or not
  • F5) A Communication Plan after the LIFE+ Project