The LIFE + Project - Expected results

The project will be implemented in the Cartagena municipality, in the districts the species can be found in as well as those that may constitute its potential habitat.

  • Obtaining a Habitat Management Plan for "Astragalus nitidiflorus".
  • Obtaining a Recovery Plan for "Astragalus nitidiflorus".
  • Getting a technical document with current and potential area for Astragalus nitidiflorus. The document shall consist of technical reports, coverage for geographic information systems, large maps and geographic data collection on current and potential distribution of the species, and so on.
  • Getting a technical guidance manual for use from the Planning Department of the City of Cartagena, for application to the geographical distribution of Astragalus nitidiflorus, allowing the promotion of the protection and conservation of the species
  • Obtaining a complete database and create a land stewardship network with landowners affected by the current and potential Astragalus nitidiflorus, allowing conservation of their habitat.
  • Creation of base of 8.000 saved seed germplasm banks Nursery of Murcia and the University of Cartagena, allowing the proper maintenance of long-term seed.
  • Creating active collections of 80.000 seeds in the genebank of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, which ensure seed availability to undertake the actions proposed in the LIFE project.
  • Obtaining, in the nursery, more than 10.000 different plants used for plantations in the project proposals and report describing the method of optimal cultivation of the species in the nursery. This may be carried out to strengthen the proposed population.
  • Collection of 7.200 Astragalus nitidiflorus plants after the planting of 6 hectares in its potencial area, thereby achieving the strengthening of the species population, increasing ecological connectivity and improving genetic diversity.
  • Increase in the area occupied by Astragalus nitidiflorus by 270%, by planting and planting of 10 hectares in habitat potential and obtain 12.000 new plants. This will result in recovery of the species as well as increased ecological connectivity and improved genetic diversity.
  • Protection of 16 hectares of reforested with Astragalus nitidiflorus versus fauna pressure, thus achieving a higher fruit production (leading to greater seed dispersal) and thus increased the population of the species.
  • Achieving a high involvement of the population of the area and affected landowners for the preservation and maintenance of the species through appropriate land stewardship.
  • Outreach and awareness through lectures, seminars, visits to the species' habitat, entertainment and editing brochures, among others.
  • Knowledge on the part of managers, academics and others of actions taken for conservation Astragalus nitidiflorus, by running technical seminars (8 units), technical conferences (2 units), creation of website and other dissemination actions.