The LIFE + Project - Progress of the project

The main threats that are working more intensely, are:

  • Low number of existing individuals: through the nursery of plants, creating collections of plants and the repopulation of potential habitats.
  • Gene bank persistent only in Short-term: with the creation of an artificial gene bank, by seed collection and its conservation in short-term (active collections) and in long-term (base collections) in a Germplasm bank.
  • Wildlife: reduction of the number of rabbits, through capture and deterrence, in order to avoid damages in plantings.
  • Precipitation shortage: this is the gravest threat of the past year, which is trying to be solved by irrigation in areas where plantings and seedings for population reinforce have been carried out.

The Steering Committee was created in September 2012, in order to guarantee the coordination and management of the project, and to integrate as well the beneficiaries in different actions to be made. The Steering Committee is responsible for managing, coordinating, administering and perform the financial management and monitoring of actions, as well as the drawn up of progress reports and corresponding deliverables. This Committee reunites regularly (1 meeting monthly), in order to analyze the development of the actions included in LIFE+ proposal. So, the management of the project (F.1) has been developed without difficulties yet.

A) Preparatory actions and the formulation of management and/or action plans


C)Concrete conservation actions


D) Monitoring of the impact of the project actions


E) Public awareness and dissemination of results


F) Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

FINAL REPORT - Covering the project activities from 01/06/2012 to 01/06/2016